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Starving the Tsunami new album Mifflin Street… LISTEN!!

You know them from within the geek community for their awesome performances at various J1 Studios events like J1- Anime Experience (J1 An-Ex), and our video game tournaments known as Mayhem Madness. They are also contributors to the official J1 Studios soundtrack projects! They are Starving the Tsunami!!!! Now this news is about their introduction …

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Starving the Tsunami’s new album, TAROT…. Wow!

Talk about amazing! Starving the Tsunami, the same band that’s on various J1 Studios soundtracks just released this album of excellence by the name of TAROT. Engineered and produced by Luis Angel Torres-Diaz.. This album was recorded, mixed, and produced in opposition to what “modern alt rock” has become. This album is the pure unadulterated …

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Enjoy Starving the Tsunami’s song for the upcoming Angel Savior soundtrack!

An awesome Philadelphia band, Starving the Tsunami, have their song “PAY ME!” that will be used in the official soundtrack of Angel Savior! You NEED to listen to this song! It’s so cool! This song will be used for just about everything Angel Savior… I mean with all the other obvious tracks. Pay Me! (Clean Version) …

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