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Black Tribbles²: DEAD TRIBBLES TALKING @10pm EST

Last week’s mid-season opener was 112 gallons of chocolate pudding heaven; WHAT’s NEXT? Find out Sunday 9pm EST on The Walking Dead, then dig deep on Black Tribbles² 10pm EST on 900AM WURD (and Dead Tribbles Talking mid-season opener will be dropping soon too!) LISTEN LIVE: www.900amwurd.com

A new home for the geek radio show Black Tribbles?

Due to the weather emergency alert in Philadelphia, the Black Tribbles will not air LIVE tonight on G-town Radio. However we will have TWO ALL-NEW SHOWS for your downloading and streaming pleasure available Friday morning 2/14/14. Check out www.BLACKTRIBBLES.com for everything Tribbles… The Facebook home of the one & only Black Tribbles and our fans, has now …

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Black Tribbles²: Investigating KWANZAA. Tonight at 10pm EST

Black Tribbles end their 2013 season on 900AM WURD with a investigating conversation about KWANZAA – Sunday Dec 22nd 10p EST. www.900amwurd.com

$100 Cosplay prize + 12 Bands + Gaming = J1 Studios Music Fest!

Yeah you read all of that right, the J1 Studios Music Fest is going to be tearing up South Street Philadelphia PA on November 3rd (that’s a Sunday) from 3:00pm until 2:00am at The Legendary Dobbs! So what’s planned for the music fest? Well, there will be 12 musical acts. YES, 12 acts! We’re talking a …

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Pre-Order your Black Tribbles T-Shirts while they last!

The radio sensation known to geek culture as the Black Tribbles are teaming up with Black Action Tees, to create the ultimate nerd-centric AND extraordinarily stylish series of shirts! Join the Tribble Nation!! IT’S OFFICIAL!!! Get your Black Tribbles Tees from Black Action Tees! TOP QUALITY!!! SIX BANGIN’ DESIGNS!!! MEN AND WOMEN…ALL SIZES!!! GET YOURS …

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Black Tribbles: THE AFRICAN~LATINO CONNECTION… Ultimate Spider-man.

Thursday 9pm on Black Tribbles we examine THE AFRICAN~LATINO CONNECTION and the unspoken message of Ultimate Spider-man with Sandra Andino & Evelyne Laurent-Perrault of Taller Puertorriqueño. It goes down only on www.GTOWNRADIO.com – The Sound from Germantown

Black Tribbles names THE BEST SCI-FI ANIME OF ALL-TIME!!

Black Tribbles names THE BEST SCI-FI ANIME OF ALL-TIME, plus J.J. Abrams has a new show on NBC this fall – REVOLUTION – and The Tribbles have seen it! Find out what’s what! Thursday September 6th – Special Time 10PM – LIVE on www.GTOWNRADIO.com