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The Gunslinger Swordsman 3rd Assignment: Cruelty and the Beast Chapter 3-7

For the preceding chapters under the “Arcana X” title, click here:  CH.1, CH.2 Pt.1, CH.2-3, CH.3-1, CH.3-2, CH.3-3, CH.3-4, CH.3-5, CH.3-6   Jacoby throws the whiskey down his throat. “You can probably guess.” Taking up the bottle, he refills his glass and empties it immediately. “I awoke in the morning. Jemma was gone. Naturally, I told Edgar. I insisted that we go back …

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The Gunslinger Swordsman: Cruelty and the Beast Chapter 3-6

For the preceding chapters under the “Arcana X” title, click here:  CH.1, CH.2 Pt.1, CH.2-3, CH.3-1, CH.3-2, CH.3-3, CH.3-4, CH.3-5 Jacoby Myers hurries down the main road through Tulpaar Village. Making turns down two small roads, he comes to his home. He steps up on the porch and stops his hand just short of touching the knob. ‘What if she isn’t …

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The Gunslinger Swordsman available on Amazon!!

Hello, J1sters! After trial and error (and conflicting titles), I am proud to announce the release of not one, but two volumes of my fantasy novel that you have been reading here on the J1 Studios website. The Gunslinger Swordsman, formally known as Arcana X, is a fantasy adventure story I conceived four years ago …

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