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Feb 08 2017

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Debut Trailer!!

The Teen Titans are back in an upcoming movie that follows Justice League Dark! Brother Blood is back and he is amassing an army to build a new HIVE! It is up to the Titans to stop him! Join Robin, Starfire, Blue Beetle and the rest of the young heroes as they combat this threat! …

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Nov 25 2016

Crime Alert!! Cheesy Cartoons looks at Teen Titans Go!!

In 2003, we were introduced to a team of young superheroes who would became one of the most popular shows on Cartoon Network. It was well received by fans and praised by critics for it stylish animation and characters development. But all of that to an end when it cancelled and, in 2013, a new …

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Jan 26 2016

Justice League vs Teen Titans Trailer!!

An old evil returns that pits the Justice League against their young super hero counterparts!! Check out this awesome looking trailer!!

Feb 03 2015

Warner Bros to bring “Teen Titans” to TNT!!

Yup, it seems the Titan will be joining the other DC shows on the small screen. A pilot has been planned and which members will star in the upcoming series has been revealed. Dick Grayson has been solidified to appear in the series. He will start out as Robin, shortly after ending his partnership with …

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Aug 04 2014

Young Justice is Back?

You read that right! While, sadly, we’re not getting another full series, it’s currently rumored that we are going to get a crossover between the adorably funny cartoon Teen Titans Go! Which is probably the best news, like, ever, especially since Young Justice was cancelled prematurely. You’re probably asking yourself where the rumor started from. Well, it came …

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Jan 27 2013

Titans GO!!! New series coming to DC Nation!!

The Teen Titans are ready for a come back. It’s been 5 years since the series finale “Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo”. This new series will serves as a follow-up to the 2003 Teen Titans series. Unlike its predecessor, the new series will be more comedy oriented with the focus on the “funny business” that …

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