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May 08 2018

Microsoft gets re-Kinect-ed!! One-time innovative gaming device revived as AI project!

Remember when Microsoft had a little camera device called the Kinect before they dropped it like a bad habit? Well, the home of Windows and Word have not fully given up on their device. They have been working on reinventing the Kinect, but it won’t be as a gaming device (Sorry, Xbox One X owners). …

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Aug 11 2017

Let Hatsune Miku welcome you home with Gatebox’s virtual home robot!!

Ever wanted Hatsune Miku greet you when you came home after a hard day of work? Well, that is about to happen. Gatebox is read to unveil their new “Hologram Communication Robot” featuring the virtual pop star herself, Hatsune Miku. Gatebox revealed their first character, “house wife” Azuma Hikari last year. The function of the …

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Oct 26 2016

Check out the World’s First Full Motion figure!!

Speecys, a Tokyo based company founded by Tomoaki Kasuga, is planning to released the world’s first 3D motion figure named “Model MOF17 Pro”. The figure has full range of motion and is able to move and even dance. Kasuga is the inventor of Sony’s popular robo-dog AIBO, which simulates actual canine behavior. The figure stand …

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Dec 07 2012

Spike TV’s Video Game Awards!!

That’s right, gamers!! It’s nearly time for the Oscar Awards for video games. The VGA are about to begin and we at J1 Studios will bring you the latest sneak peek at upcoming titles for 2013 (provided the Mayans don’t get their way). If you haven’t heard, Samuel L. Jackson returns as host for this …

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Nov 12 2012

MacGyver gets retooled?!

If you grew up in the eighties then you know the name MacGyver. It was this cool show about a secret agent known for his skill to escape the tightest of situations with the most basic (and common) of items. In other words, let him lose in an ACE hardware store and watch him take …

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