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It’s a MARVEL-ous fight in Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

This week’s episode of DEATH BATTLE is simply MARVEL-ous! Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel faces of against the former Captain Marvel aka Shazam in a battle that will finally put an end the dispute of who is the better Captain. Keep up with the Screw Attack and DEATH BATTLE crew!! DEATH BATTLE Twitter DEATH BATTLE …

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Incredible 2 Olympics Sneak Peek Trailer!!

It’s been more than a decade but Disney’s first superhero family is back for more adventure, laughs and Jack-Jack’s awakening powers! The Supers are welcome to return to the public eye on one condition–they want Elastigirl. As Helen Par reclaims her fame, Mr. Incredible takes on the role of Mr. Mom. He can fight giant …

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Artist brings Sponsors to Superheros

Capitalism is everywhere. On your food, on your shoes, and all over TV. So what if companies advertised their brands on the outfits of  superheros? Milan, Italy-based art director Roberto Vergati Santos decided to experiment with some characters, and see what would be the results of this idea. HERE’s the LINK to the full gallery on the …

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