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Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of The Gods ~ New Trailer 4

How exciting is it to see a Dragon Ball Z movie with the quality of today’s animation. With its release in Japan being March 2013, the anticipation level is OVER 9,000!! Akira Toriyama said that he’s part of the creation process (to make sure it’s right). There’s going to be a new transformation for Goku …

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First Person Mario: Endgame…cool vid!

Some of the guys from Freddie Wong’s Youtube crew of craziness put together a stage from Super Mario 3 in super awesome CGI video that’s through the eyes of the plumber himself. Twitter: @BrandonJLa Created by: Brandon Laatsch Additional VFX: Kevin Commerford Bowser Animation: Alex Knoll Sound: Kevin Senzaki Music: Michael Wychoff Software used: 3dsMax …

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Black Tribbles: THE AFRICAN~LATINO CONNECTION… Ultimate Spider-man.

Thursday 9pm on Black Tribbles we examine THE AFRICAN~LATINO CONNECTION and the unspoken message of Ultimate Spider-man with Sandra Andino & Evelyne Laurent-Perrault of Taller Puertorriqueño. It goes down only on www.GTOWNRADIO.com – The Sound from Germantown

International Super Bounty J1 COSPLAY CONTEST!

It’s pretty simple and pretty cool.  We are putting together a cosplay competition for Super Bounty J1. Whoever has the best costume will receive a 3-day pass for the Otakon 2013! To get even more excited, this happens to be the 20th anniversary of Otakon!! An Otakon you can’t miss! Otakon 2013 will be going …

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Superior Review!!!!!

Every once in while, there will exist a comic book that stands out from the rest of the usual recycled American shtick while sticking to the basic principles of being a superhero.   Help those who are in need…. Defeat the bad guys without killing them… It must be great to have the power to …

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Black Tribbles show some artistic love to Super Bounty J1!

Len “Cruz” Webb of the Black Tribbles sent some love in the visually creative variety. That’s right Bat-Tribble himself drew this! As you can see all the guys from the show (Super-Tribble, Spider-Tribble, Master-Tribble and Bat-Tribble) are trying to get the attention of our very own J1. She doesn’t seem amused with their advances. Click …

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For years, Capcom fighting game fanatics have been begging for a PS3/ 360 release for the original MvC in response to MvC2 being released online. So what does Capcom do? They up the ante and give us not only MvC but Marvel Super Heroes as well. So what do you get when you combine the …

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Super Smash Bros. animation!

Ferguson Winston is a professional animator who obviously loves some of that Smash Bros. video game fighting action! Check out his website: http://fergusonwinston.deviantart.com/ This is his version of what a Super Smash Bros. action animation should be like. If there was a SSB show or movie, I think I would want it to be like …

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Final page of the very first Super Bounty J1: Secret Mission short story!

It’s getting crazy! Lightning from her gloves?? I didn’t know J1 could do that! Kate K. Milo is really showing us a fun time with her spin on the SBJ1 universe. Check out the conclusion of this crazy adventure! What is in the secret box? Click HERE to read the next page OR just click …

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Black Tribbles names THE BEST SCI-FI ANIME OF ALL-TIME!!

Black Tribbles names THE BEST SCI-FI ANIME OF ALL-TIME, plus J.J. Abrams has a new show on NBC this fall – REVOLUTION – and The Tribbles have seen it! Find out what’s what! Thursday September 6th – Special Time 10PM – LIVE on www.GTOWNRADIO.com