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A New Saga Begins!! Once Upon a Time Season 7 recap!!

*WARNING: CONTAINS SOFT SPOILERS* Hey there J1 f fans, Devildriver1313 is back! Well, how many of you have been watching Once Upon a Time? Well, the show left off with the defeat of the Dark Fairy, who was the mother of Rumplestiltskin, the Dark One. Following the finale of the sixth season, we got a …

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To Thine own self be True!! Once Upon a Time S3 Ep2 Recap!!

WARNING: SPOILERS ‘ROUND THE BEND!! Peter Pan greets Emma and hands her a map that will tell her where he’s hiding Henry. The map turns out to be a piece of blank parchment. Emma is told by Pan that the map will reveal itself once she stops denying who she is. Elsewhere, Gold uses the …

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