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Jan 07 2018

Space Dandy is coming back, baby!!

Wanna enjoy the galactic adventures of the galaxy’s “dandy guy in space” once again? Well, good news everyone! Toonami has announced the return of Space Dandy to their lineup. Get ready for more “out of this world” hijinks when Space Dandy returns January 27, 2018, baby! Here’s the Toonami lineup: 10:30p – Dragon Ball Super …

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Nov 20 2014

Space Dandy: Season One coming to Blu Ray and DVD, baby!!

The madcap adventures of the crew of he spaceship Aloha Oe is coming soon to Blu Ray and DVD. Get ready to rejoin Dandy and his crew QT, a robot the resembles and also operates as a vacuum cleaner and Meow, a dimwitted cat-like alien known as Betelguesian, as they search the galaxy for new …

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Aug 15 2014

Space Dandy Season 2 Recap Episode 6: The Gallant Space Gentleman, Baby * SPOILERS!!!! *

The episode starts off with our favorite Boobies girl, Honey. After attending a wrestling match * and being stalked by a poorly disguised Dr. Gel and Bea *, she rides her motor cycle into the sunset. Honey stares at the sun and wonders when she will find a certain someone when Gel and Bea grab …

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Aug 04 2014

Space Dandy Season 2 Recap Episode 5: The Big Fish Is Huge, Baby * SPOILERS!!!! *

Our heroes spend the good part of the day in a boat fishing. Dandy catches a bass with his bare hands but before he can brag, QT informs him that it doesn’t count since he didn’t do it the proper way * with the hook and bait and all. * While they bicker, Meow * …

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Jul 28 2014

Space Dandy Season 2 Recap Episode 4: The Transfer Student Is Dandy, Baby * SPOILERS!!!! *

On another tip from Meow via a random twitter page, Dandy and the crew discover that the page belongs to a rare alien known as a Klipponian and can be found at the Baverly Hills High School, located in the “Andromeda Academy”. I’m sure you guys can guess where this is going… Dandy, the transfer student!!! …

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Jul 21 2014

Space Dandy Season 2 Recap Episode 3: Slow and Steady Wins The Race, Baby * SPOILERS!!!! *

The Dandy are so hungry * or just Meow, rather * that their stomachs are touching their backs. It doesn’t help at all when Dandy leads them through a sea of restaurants. When Meow is at his wit’s end with hunger and speaks up, Dandy states that he’s only piping up because he wants fish, …

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Jul 14 2014

Space Dandy Season 2 Recap Episode 2: There’s Music In The Darkness, Baby! * SPOILERS!!! *

It’s time for Episode 2!!! We start off with a little narration from what seems to be a marionette playing guitar. Though a successful musician, it wishing nothing more than to be about to move. Being frozen and only moving when someone is manipulating its strings is equivalent to living hell. Only he could laugh …

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Apr 03 2014

Space Dandy Recap!!!! Episode 13: Even Vacuum Cleaners Fall in Love, Baby * SPOILERS!!!!*

    Alrighty, guys. It’s about that time. The season finale of Space Dandy is here and what better to kick off the finale than with a tale of love. QT opens with a monologue, stating his distaste for emotions and how there are no bigger waste in the universe, especially love and romance. Being …

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Mar 29 2014

Space Dandy Recap!!! Episode 12: Nobody Knows The Chameleon Alien, Baby *SPOILERS!!!!*

    It appears that Scarlett is finally at her wit’s end with Dandy and his crew and their many scams, as they bring in yet another crummy rare species. After hearing the crew complain and moan about the $2 Wulong bounty for their latest catch, Scarlet berates our heros and explains to them how …

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Mar 20 2014

Space Dandy Recap!!!! Episode 11: I’m Never Remembering You, Baby * SPOILERS!!!! *

  Our story continues with the Gogol Empire, who somehow survived being outgunned by the Jarico Empire last episode. Dr Gel is caught in a funk, unable to solve the equation to the Power of Luck. He’s been in a slump for weeks trying to solve it because he believes that’s the only way to …

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