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Sony Interactive Entertainment to shutdown PlayStation Vue on January 30

Well, it looks like another service is being issued a pink slip and ordered to cease operations. Sony Interactive Entertainment deputy president John Kodera has announced they are shutting down its cloud-based streaming service PlayStation Vue effective on January 30, 2020. Other content such as movie and television shows will still be available through the …

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Monkey King: Hero is Back launch trailer!!

Look out, Dragon Ball! The true Monkey King has returned! Kung-Fu. Adventure. Chinese mythology. A boy named Liuer. A Monkey King. A 500-year old Chinese tale. All combined in a fun, frantic, funny action-adventure set in a bright, detailed and adorable fantasy world. Explore Monkey King’s hidden powers, engaging sense of humour, battling animal-like creatures …

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PlayStation 5 set to launch Holiday season 2020!!

After much secrecy and speculation, we finally get much needed info about Sony’s next gen console. Clearly, they use the “ain’t broke, don’t fix it” method by dubbing the new system PlayStation 5. WIRED broke the news about the console in April and nothing more has been said about it since then. In fact, Sony …

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