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Knuckles locks it up with Donkey Kong in Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

ll Here we go people! Time to see who the best brawler! Will the Guardian of the Master Emerald be able to withstand the primal rage of Donkey Kong!! Strap yourselves in because it’s time for a DEATH BATTLE!!

Knuckles the Echidna punches his way in Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Knuckles was the one time rival of Sonic the Hedgehog, tricked by Eggman into stealing the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic. knuckles is a skilled fighter, able to punch through walls and Eggman’s robots with ease and can lift objects many times his size over his head. But will his strength be enough to shake Donkey …

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Donkey Kong barrels into Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

It’s time for a little monkey business!! The barrel tossing primate beats his way into DEATH BATTLE!! He has taken on crocs, giant bees, other apes and a plumber! DK must use his combat expertise if he is to triumph over the fist pumping echidna Knuckles!

1 Minute Melee!! Sonic vs Flash!!

Who is the fastest?! Sega’s speedy blue furball or DC’s Scarlet Speedster?! Screw Attack pits these two hyper active heroes in a fight to the finish!! Two fighters!! No Research!! 60 seconds!! It’s time for a MELEE!!

Sonic The Hedgehog finally gets his own live-action Movie!!!

  So it seems like the blue blur will be taking the big screen over once again. Sony Pictures announced that they are working on a feature-length film based off Sega’s legendary franchise: Sonic The Hedgehog. The film will be similar to how The Smurfs movies were done: combining CGI animation with live-action. The Sonic …

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“Sonic Prologue” The Animated Fan Film!

A brand new CGI animated Sonic The Hedgehog fan film was uploaded to youtube this afternoon. Created by youtube team “SonicPrologeMovie”, it’s a great watch, telling the story of how Sonic and Tails met for the first time. The art and music make several references to the original sonic the hedgehog games and shows from …

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JAGS Does Sonic Adventure 2 Battle!!

Can you feel life movin’ through your mind, Ooh, looks like it came back for more! Yeah yeah yeah! If only all sonic games could still be this good. The soundtrack was killer, the gameplay was tight, aaand… aand.. there was a Chao Garden. Prepare to hear them talk about all of that and more! …

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The Newest Member of Sonic and Friends

Meet Gophric The Gopher! The newest member of the Sonic Boom Team. Well.. he might as well be. In fact, I really wish he was. In my opinion, it would be a hundred times better to see this guy on the show than the cooky, coked-up creature that was just announced to join Sonic & …

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Sonic Boom – More Details On SEGA’s Upcoming Title!!!

Last week, SEGA revealed Sonic Boom, a video game/cartoon series that’s a spin-off of the Sonic The Hedgehog title, to the world. Today, we have a few more details about the upcoming game that’s a prequel to the series. And from what it looks like, it’ll make this next installment an interesting title to play. …

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Rumor Of New Sonic Game For Next-Gen Systems Next Year?! Let’s Hope This Is True!!!

  So it seems that some interesting news about our favorite hedgehog has come out of Germany of all places. At this year’s Nuremberg International Toy Fair, SEGA was in attendance to show off the latest Sonic The Hedgehog merchandise and game releases, while doing some advertising for the upcoming Sonic Boom cartoon that will appear on Cartoon Network …

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