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Samurai Shodown trailer reveals new fighters and launch date!!

After weeks of anticipation, SNK finally gives us a launch date for the new Samurai Shodown (Samurai Spirits in Japan) game. A trailer for the game was dropped on Friday showing three new characters who will be clashing swords with returning favorites. The new characters are Darli Dagger, Yashamaru Kurama and Wu-Ruixiang. Samurai Shodown is …

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NEW Artifical Intelligence feature could make fighting games smarter?!

As if fighting against a computer controlled Akuma isn’t bad enough, there is a new AI system that could change the face of fighting games. The upcoming Samurai Shodown game (Samurai Spirits in Japan) appears to be using the neural network AI for enemy fighters. What this new system does exactly is relatively unknown. The …

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SNK reveals new game as Samurai Spirits!!

I knew it! I so freaking called it! Well fighting game fanatics, SNK dropped a doozy of a reveal with the revival of their classic sword clashing release, Samurai Spirits. Yes, it was released in North America under the name “Samurai Shodown” but it is getting brought back and giving the update it deserves. Check …

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