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Guest Review: Saga #11

Saga #11 Review Guest Reviewed By Rachaun Rogers. This week Brian K.Vaughn dropped a jewel on the comic book world called “The Private Eye” an independently released digital release comic. Then Image on Wednesday released his and Fiona Staples’ book about star-crossed lovers Marco and Alana, being chased across the stars, with their baby Hazel. …

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DragonBall Z live action fan trailer is better than what Hollywood gave us!

Harry and George Kirby started a video production company known as K8K Productions. They wanted to create and possibly pitch a better more fan focused (in other words, canon) Dragon Ball Z film. So what they did with the resources they had was….. “Dragon Ball Z – Saiyan Saga”  a short trailer/summary of the Saiyan Saga …

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Quick reviews of comics out 7/19/2012

I really do read too many comic books. Last week, I even read Deathstroke and Grifter, despite the fact that I loathe, detest, despise, abhor and otherwise dislike Rob Liefeld. So this week, again, let’s try doing micro-reviews–just a sentence or two on various titles. And this time, they’re not in alphabetical order, so suffer. …

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