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Secrets are revealed! RWBY Volume 6 Ep.3 Recap!!

Qrow: “Look. It’s a review. It’s got spoilers. You know the drill.” What is Ozpin hiding from us? That is the question Ruby Rose asked Jinn, the Spirit of Knowledge that dwells within the relic that was found in Haven, in the second episode last week. After that fall of Beacon and the rise of …

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Colleen Clinkenbeard joins RWBY cast!

So, have you watched the recent episode of RBWY Volume 6? Recognize the voice of the Blue Genie lady? Well, that was none other than Colleen Clinkenbeard, voice actress of several anime characters including Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail, One Piece’s Monkey D. Luffy, Fullmetal Alchemist’s Riza Hawkeye, Young Gohan in Dragonball Z, Matsu in …

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This is the day we waited for!! RWBY Volume 6 Review!!

Ruby: “Hey, be careful of spoilers, okay?!” Weapons ready and mustache wax stowed! RWBY is back with a sixth season that is looks to be as impressive as ever. Once again, we catch up with Team RWBY and the remaining members of Team JNPR after their confrontation with Cinder Fall in Haven and Blake dealing …

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The gang’s all here in RWBY Volume 6 Trailer!!

Team RWBY is reunited, and their first mission back is one of grave importance: escorting the Relic of Knowledge to Atlas. With the world seemingly crumbling around them and Grimm lurking around every corner, traversing Remnant to reach their destination will be more dangerous than anyone could have imagined. RWBY Volume 6 premieres October 27 …

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NEW RWBY manga series coming this Fall!!

Do you want more RWBY? Viz Media had announced that RWBY will appear in a new manga series created by Bunta Kinami that will be published in Weekly Shonen Jump this Fall. Announcement: New RWBY manga by BUNTA KINAMI is coming to Shonen Jump this Fall. #RWBY pic.twitter.com/PQiA08Q4bz — VIZ (@VIZMedia) October 6, 2018 The …

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RWBY Volume 6 will premiere October 27 on Rooster Teeth, not YouTube!!

As a RWBY fan, I am excited for the premiere of volume 6 of the Rooster Teeth series. However, there a some changes being made. The biggest change being that the series will no longer air on YouTube. This decision came from the fact that watching the series on its parent website is the best …

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RWBY Chibi is back!! Let the fun continue!!

Just a friendly reminder, RWBY fans! After a short hiatus, RWBY Chibi returns tomorrow on Rooster Teeth. Based on Monty Oum’s “RWBY”, the series follows the beloved members of Team RWBY on their everyday hijinks at Beacon Academy. Catch up with Ruby Rose and the rest of the gang on Rooster Teeth YouTube channel!

Follow Ruby Rose on her days at Beacon Academy in new Anthology Manga – Red Like Roses!!

When I found out that Viz media would be releasing a manga based on the Rooster Teeth series RWBY, I was excited as a fan. Then I discovered that an anthology manga series is being done for each main character. Then I got really excited. The RWBY Anthology manga series focuses on the four members …

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Latest trailer for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle showcases Under Night In-Birth!!

Having already revealed trailers focusing on Persona 4 Arena and RWBY characters, Arc System Works released their latest trailer which brings characters from Under Night In-Birth to the spotlight. Under Night In-Birth is another fighting title published by Arc System Works that spins around modern fantasy. It was released for PlayStation 3 on July 24, …

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Arc System Works drops BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle opening animation!!

It is just under a month until the North American release of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle! Arc System Works drops the opening animation trailer featuring the characters who will be appearing in the game. The open beta for the game is going on right now and will conclude on May 14. The game releases in …

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