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Nov 25 2016

Crime Alert!! Cheesy Cartoons looks at Teen Titans Go!!

In 2003, we were introduced to a team of young superheroes who would became one of the most popular shows on Cartoon Network. It was well received by fans and praised by critics for it stylish animation and characters development. But all of that to an end when it cancelled and, in 2013, a new …

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Aug 04 2014

Young Justice is Back?

You read that right! While, sadly, we’re not getting another full series, it’s currently rumored that we are going to get a crossover between the adorably funny cartoon Teen Titans Go! Which is probably the best news, like, ever, especially since Young Justice was cancelled prematurely. You’re probably asking yourself where the rumor started from. Well, it came …

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Jul 14 2014

Super Smash Bros! Fire Emblem Fiesta! Three New Characters in One Video!

Awesome new video posted on the Super Smash Bros Website! See for yourself: Basically this girl from Fire Emblem, Lucina, finds out that her father, Chrom has been knocked out. Turns out that the evil bounty hunter Captain Muscles was up to no good, picking on helpless dads. They battle, and C. Falcon continues to smirk …

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May 14 2014

Cosplay Spotlight: New Jersey BatDave

He is vengeance. He is the night. He is… New Jersey BatDave, with this week’s COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!! Why do you cosplay? I cosplay because I truly feel it’s an emerging art form combining graphic design, tailoring skills, theatrical abilities and so much more. It allows for an amazing range of personal expression for each and …

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Jan 20 2014

“Son of Batman” trailer!

It’s been all over the internet and couldn’t help but fall out! This is commemorating 75 years of Batman, and it seems the best way to do it by giving you the dooziest of doozy storylines. Son of Batman is about Talia Al Ghul (Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter), and her son Damien who happens to be …

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Feb 25 2013

Massive Batman Inc #8 Spoiler

DC Comics has apparently gone completely out of their way to spoil Batman Inc. #8, coming out this Wednesday, giving a four-page preview and the results of the issue to THE New York Post. Needless to say, SPOILER ALERT. You have been warned. If you whine about it after this, I would advise you to …

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Oct 11 2012

Chocolate that’s good for you? Come try it out!

Okay, hear me out. I’m not a chocolate person but I know you are. Madam Saito the “Queen of Sushi”, who owns the Headhouse Restaurant is hosting a chocolate tasting with Xocai at her awesome establishment.         When you say? Thursday, October 11th 2012 at 7:00pm Where again? Headhouse Restaurant 122 Lombard Street …

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Sep 19 2012

J1 Studios interviews Young Justice animator, Matthew Bordenave!!

Matt, thank you for this opportunity, and I know you’ve worked on one of my favorite shows, Young Justice. What are some of the other titles or projects that you’ve had your hands in? Did you do something for Call of Duty Black Ops? Thanks I enjoy working on Young Justice a lot. I wish …

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