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Nov 02 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Trailer!!

Guerrilla Games is set to release the anticipated expansion pack to the second bestseller game on the PlayStation 4! Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds continues Aloy’s adventure as she continues her fight against the machines. The expansion pack will feature new missions, trophies, characters and enemies not in the base game. New challenges await …

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Oct 30 2017

The Last of Us 2 PS4 exclusive trailer!!

Joel and Ellie are back to deal with more monsters and undead horrors in their continuous fight to survive in a post apocalyptic world in the anticipated sequel to Naughy Dog’s action horror hit!

May 06 2017

Darksiders III Gameplay first look!!

Just a couple days after THQNordic revealed the third installment of the biblical based post apocalyptic game series, they drop a first look at the gameplay for Darksiders III. I was excited beforfe about the announcement. Now I am even more ecstatic after watching this video. Fury begins in a city lying in ruin after …

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Dec 03 2016

Last of Us 2 official Trailer!!

Check this out! Naughty Dog just dropped a brand new trailer fur the sequel to their post-apocalyptic survival horror title The Last of Us. The sequel has been talked about for months and now we get a first look at it! So here it is! The Last of Us 2 official trailer!!

Sep 27 2016

BBK/BRNK Season 2 coming to Crunchyroll!!

First up is the second season of BBK/BRNK (or Bubuki/Buranki) titled BBK/BRNK: Giants of the Stars that takes place ten years after the first season with Azuma, returning to a post-apocalyptic Shinjuku being captured by the authorities. He is saved by his childhood friend Kogane Asabuki, a user of a sentient weapon known as Bubuki, …

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Sep 28 2014

Revolution Renewed!! 4 More shows join them!!

YES!!! I am so glad! NBC wised up and gave Revolution a third season. They went back and checked the ratings and realized that the Erik Kripke series about a world without power was amongst the top rated shows of 2013/14 season. Cancellation of the series back in May spurred strong reaction from fans who …

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May 22 2014

The Revolution Ends?! S2 Finale Recap!!

POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD!! Aaron succeeds in getting through to Pricilla and she is able to reclaim her body. In Willoughby, Miles evacuates the courthouse while Gene, Charlie and Monroe disable the mustard gas. President Davis uses the raid on the courthouse to wage war against California, placing the blame on Miles and Monroe. Later, Miles …

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May 15 2014

Memorial Day!! Revolution S2 Ep.21 Recap!!

WARNING: SPOILERS!! THAT IS ALL!! Monroe and Tom resolve their differences as they plan to take down the Patriots and Washington. Miles and Charlie find the man Marion spoke of. Joe shows them the tanker car full of mustard gas. In Willoughby, Marion searches Truman’s office and discovers that Patriots intend to unleash the mustard …

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May 08 2014

Chemical Warfare!! Revolution S2 Ep.20 Recap!!

WATCH THE SPOILERS, MATE!! Ed Truman meets with the President who is not happy with the incidents happening in Texas involving Miles and Monroe. Charlie finds Miles in a field and brings him back to camp where he is patched up by Gene Porter. Suddenly, flocks of birds swarm over the camp. Miles notices a …

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May 01 2014

The Man Under the Hood!! Revolution S2 Ep.19 Recap!!

WARNING: SPOILERS!! THAT IS ALL!! Charlie, Monroe, Connor and Miles return from Texas after stopping the assassination of President Carver. Soon they are pursued by Texas Rangers. They split up while Miles leads the Rangers on a goose chase until the wagon flips over. The Rangers keep Miles pinned down and he is forced to …

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