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PokÉP Review (Download it for FREE!)

A few days ago we told you about a Pokemon tutorial video made by Dj CUTMAN. The video contains some awesome Pokemon remix music, and it happens you can download the album, titled PokÉP for FREE!       Today, after having a chance to listen to the album a few times, we bring you …

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X & Y Legendaries in New Super Smash Bros?

This brand new update from the Super Smash Bros website reveals a picture of Pikachu standing back to back with Xerneas, the legendary Pokémon of Pokémon X version. This leads to many questions. Will Xerneas and Yveltal have their own stage like Dialga and Palkia did in SSBB? Or will you be able to unleash …

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“Too Cute: Pokémon” CG Animation

From EsquirebobAnimations youtube channel, and just added to Newgrounds.com’s front page today, we bring you a cute pokémon parody of Animal Planet’s new show, “Too Cute!”. If you haven’t seen the show, you can watch an episode by clicking HERE. Voiced by internet star Egoraptor, this animation is a good mix of cute and funny.

Amazing Fan-Made Mega Evolutions!

Although Nintendo has only showed us a little more than 10 Mega Evolutions, people’s imaginations have been running wild! Here are some of the coolest, and/or funniest fake Mega Evolutions we could find on the net. Mega Snorlax by MTC-Studios Jynx Evolution by DevArt user Grimegan-BT Mega Gyarados by DevAr user darkheroic Mega Poliwrath by Devart User pokeluka …

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Pokémon: the Eevee EP

From the acclaimed artists at OC Remix…     Of the several artists involved in this project, three of them happen to be a part of the GameChops record label! artists include: Benjamin Briggs Blue Magic Brandon Strader DarkeSword ectogemia halc Jakesnke17 Source X Theory of N Learn more about the artists and download the full …

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Disney Characters as Pokemon Trainers!

Deviantart user Krista Nicholson, also known as Kuitsuku, has been putting up some beautiful work of disney characters imagined as Pokemon trainers! Here are a few of her pieces, and the rest can be seen in her Disney Art Gallery.  follow Kuitsuku on twitter

Pokemon Fusion!

Ever wanted to know what would be created if a Snorlax and a Shellder were to mate? That’s what. Thanks to a web developer named Alex Onsager, you can combine any two of the original 151 pokemon to fuse together into a new sprite. It’s like playing God!  Results may be hilarious. Here’s the link to …

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Pokemon Generations – Awesome Fan-Made 3D Pokemon Game

So ever since Pokemon came out (both the series and the game), fans have wondered what it would be like to play a Pokemon game where you actually control the Pokemon in  battle. Pokemon Stadium was close to realizing that dream, however this fan-made game developed by Xatoku Productions is exactly what the fans asked for. …

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J1 Studios Interview: Stuart Zagnit (Professor Oak!)

Recently, at the Too Many Games Convention in Oaks PA, the J1 Sound Team had the pleasure of meeting the famous voice acting talent who has done voice work for several animes and show, the most popular one being Professor Oak from Pokemon! Enjoy the video, and be sure to check out our other interviews, …

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Taking Pokemon To The Prom?!? Check this video out!

So this was a pretty cool video I ran across on YouTube. A high school kid, who’s a Pokemon fan, decides to ask his girlfriend out to the prom. The way he does it will make any Pokemon fan pleased. Check out the video below!