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Bethesta director says Sony, Microsoft aren’t screwing up Next-Gen consoles!!

Bethesda director Todd Howard believes that Sony and Microsoft are on the right path when it comes to both companies getting ready to unveil their next gen consoles. In an exclusive interview with IGN’s Joseph Knoop, Howard gives some positive but selective words on what he has seen on the horizon for ninth generation video …

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More details revealed on PlayStation 5, end draws near for PS4!!

Sony has unveiled more specs regarding their next gen system. Mark Cerny, PlayStation 4 lead system architect and game designer, spoke with Wired magazine about the next gen console that will be the successor to the PS4. The new unnamed system will feature an AMD chip with a custom unit for 3D audio, graphics processing …

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Big news from Sony and planned release date for PlayStation 5!!

A major announcement coming from Sony HQ. The company drops new info about the future of the PlayStation brand and, more specifically, their next gen system, the PlayStation 5. They’re going to be focusing on building up their online multiplayer capabilities, taking cues from popular games such as Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto online and Call …

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