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May 10 2018

Arc System Works drops BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle opening animation!!

It is just under a month until the North American release of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle! Arc System Works drops the opening animation trailer featuring the characters who will be appearing in the game. The open beta for the game is going on right now and will conclude on May 14. The game releases in …

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May 03 2018

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle open beta to simulcast in Japan and North America!!

On Wednesday, Arc System Works announced that the open beta test for the latest entry in their “BlazBlue” series, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will open on May 9 and will run simultaneously in Japan and the US. Those who pre-ordered the game digitally will have access until May 12. Everyone else will be able to …

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May 21 2014

Cosplay Spotlight: Jono

Look y’all, it’s Jono in this week’s COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!! Why do you cosplay? I cosplay because I love to celebrate the characters I love and to protray them. Its a fun life style for me. What was your first cosplay? My first cosplay ever was Elizabeth Midford from Black Butler she is adorable. Do you make your …

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