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Goblin Slayer Abridged!! Yup, killing goblins just got funnier!!

No one asked for it and yet, we got it and it’s hilarious! The Schmuck Squad crew has done several parody series including Seven Deadly Schmucks (based on Seven Deadly Sins), Akame ga Kill Abridged, FoodMENT (Food Wars) and many others. And now they tackle Goblin Slayer, the fantasy adventure anime series that is quickly …

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Batmetal Forever rounds out the “Batmetal” Trilogy!!

The guys of ArhyBES have dropped another heavy metal gem on us! The third entry in their “BatMetal” series is just brutal and butt kicking as their previous videos. So, without further ado, crank it to 11 and rock out to Batmetal Forever featuring “Awaken Mustkarakish” by Dethklok! WARNING: Viewer Discretion is advised! ArhyBES is …

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Anime shorts of classic series joins Crunchyroll’s Fall lineup!!

The Glass Mask Year 3 Class D are anime shorts based on the series “Glass Mask”, which centers on poetically the mask of faces that actors wear – while expressing emotions that are not their own, the mask they wear (their acting) is as fragile as glass. If the actors are distracted, their mask will …

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Team Four Star gives us the greatest Christmas Present: DBZ Abridged EP. 51

Team Four Star, the team behind the wildly popular Dragon Ball Z Abridged series, has given us the best Christmas present ever: Episode 51. The episode is on the Team Four Star site so click on the link below to view it!!! CLICK HERE!!!

Funny teen slasher romantic high school comedy music video!

Lowcarbcomedy.com presents a teen slasher romantic high school comedy music video for “Social Mediasochist” by Chicago Band: Common Shiner (http://www.commonshiner.com) Buy “Social Mediasochist” from the album “Before They Sold Out Part 2” https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/soc… Buy the Album! – https://commonshiner.bandcamp.com/ Visit Common Shiner’s Website: http://www.commonshiner.com Follow Common Shiner on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/commonshiner Join Common Shiner’s Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/commonshiner Visit Common Shiner’s YouTube …

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LeVar Burton – Reading Rainbow Theme Song Parody

Watch LeVar Burton as he creates planets, becomes mad with reading power, and burns down a library with rainbows. The lyrics to this parody are great. Definitely worth a watch if you remember the original theme. I love that LeVar Burton was down for being a part of that video.  Here are the original two Reading …

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Parody Video “Misfits Kid” featuring cosplayer Kelly Jean

The people at Planet Mashed have just created a parody video a show called “Misfits Kid” where kids have super powers with a guest appreance from famous cosplayer Kelly Jean. You can check out her J1 Studios Cosplay Spotlight from back in May here: http://www.j1studios.com/cosplay-spotlight-kelly-jean/ Eye lasers, immortality… and girls! “Misfits Kid” is the brand new show …

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Get ready for a scary good time with 3 films!!

Here come the parodies!! Three films take a whack at popular movies such as “Paranormal Activity”, “Madea”, “Hunger Games” and post apocalyptic movies (pick one). First up is “A Haunted House” which opens January 11. This film is directed by Michael Tiddes and stars Marlon Wayans. Marlon plays Malcolm Johnson who moves into a house …

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NoPUNintendo 2

if you haven’t seen this series of animated video game puns, give your self some lol- time and check it out on YouTube: Created by Jeffery Giaimo Jeremy Chinshue aka “TerminalMontage” Here’s the link to the first NoPUNintendo:

The Minecraft (A Matrix/Minecraft parody animation)

“Have you ever played a game so much that you thought it was real?” This was animated and created by me “hBRUNAV”. This is so entertaining that I would totally watch a whole feature length film of this. Follow them on Twitter: http://twitter.com/hbrunav Like them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hbrunav Or ask them anything on Tumblr: http://hbrunav.tumblr.com