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Feb 03 2017

Meet the super future family in “Awesome Cartoons!!”

As of late, superhero teams have been all the rave with the Avengers, X-Men and Teen Titans. But as far as superhero families go, nearly all references will be made to the Fantastic Four. But in this installment of Awesome Cartoons, I am going to introduce (most of you) to a super future family that …

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May 05 2016

“Cheesy Cartoons” goes back to the farm with Barnyard Commandos!!

Nature is in a constant struggle. Animals fight constantly for supremacy, much like humans do. They bite and claw, growl and snarl. And launch RPGs and fly helicopters. Hey, this is Devildriver1313 and I’m taking you back to the ultimate struggle of nature! Let’s head back to the farm with Barnyard Commandos! Barnyard Commandos was …

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Apr 22 2016

“Awesome Cartoons” celebrates Earth Day with Captain Planet!!

As you know J1 Fans, your pal Devildriver1313 has been taking you on a trip through time to the games and shows of the past. So far I have discussed the Cheesy side of the cartoon world. Now let me take on a journey to the awesome. This is the “Most Awesome Cartoons!!” Here I …

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