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Dante vs. Bayonetta Chapter 3

Three demons leap into the air with their claws aimed for his back. A couple well placed shots from his large clunky handguns reduces two of them to ash. Dante blocks the third demon’s claws with one gun, white in color, and blasts it away with the black gun. The demons quickly gang up on …

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Dante vs. Bayonetta Chapter 2

“Now this isn’t fair,” a casual voice breaks the silence. The creatures turn to look at the newcomer. The woman opens her eyes and looks towards the beginning of the alley. A man stepped out of the darkness. He had silver hair and wore a striking red trench coat. On his back, he had a …

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Dante vs. Bayonetta-Chapter 1

*Author’s note-I came up with the idea for this fan-fic after playing Bayonetta and Devil May cry 4 and I thought it would be interesting to put these two characters together. I’m enjoying writing this so I hope you enjoy reading it.* Nighttime has fallen on a city in Europe. The lights of the city …

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