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Videl and Jiren join the fight in Dragonball FighterZ Season Two DLC!!

The next season of Dragonball FighterZ DLC is dropping a huge reveal with four characters already announced. Teen Videl is ready to fight for justice along side the Great Saiyaman and Universe 11’s all powerful Jiren is ready to make the Earth tremble with his impressive might. With Dragon Ball Super: Broly crushing box offices …

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Introducing Skullolady in SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy!!

Well, we knew the inevitable was bound to happen. Having a history of several crossover titles, it wasn’t long before SNK tapped the Street Fighter roster for more lady to add to their harem. However, rather than choose Chun-Li or Cammy, they went for one of the most eccentric characters ever created for the series. …

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The Bird of Death is back in Soul Calibur VI!!

That loveable basket case is back and ready to shred her opponents with her trusty ring blade, Eiserne Drossel. Tira has remained a consistent part of the Soul Calibur series since her introduction in Soul Calibur III. In fact, she appears to have retained her appearance from that game. Tira has a new set of …

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Capcom drops new DLC for Street Fighter V!!

At the South East Asia tournament in Singapore, Capcom unveils the next fighter to join the Street Fighter V roster. Zeku, 38th Grand master of the school of Bushinryu Ninjutsu and Guy’s mentor, returns with a new look and his own ninja group. The “ever-changing ninja” arrives October 24th.

The Last Of Us Gets New DLC, BUUUUTTT….

It would seem like Naughty Dog is still pumping out new content for their popular title, The Last Of Us. Following the release of The Last Of Us Remastered for the PS4, the company has released new content for the game today. However… Yeah… the fans are far from amused. Why, you ask? Naughty Dog …

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Finally… after months of hoping, my prayers have been answered. Today, Netherrealm Studios have revealed the newest addition to the powerhouse cast of their latest title, Injustice Gods Among Us. And now, without further ado… Joining the cast will be… ZATANNA!!!!! God, she’s so sexy. Anyway, DC’s favorite magician/illusionist will be the sixth character to …

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INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US!!!! Scorpion, Doomsday Containment Suit skin, Blackest Night and Red Son 2 packs available today on XBOX LIVE!!!!!

It appears to be a great day for Xbox Live users because not only is Scorpion available today but the second Red Son And Blackest Night packs are out as well! But only on the 360, PSNers. Sorry. Sucks, right? Maybe Microsoft’s trying to win back points from the press conference two weeks ago? Doesn’t …

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Injustice: Gods Among Us! Rumored 4 new DLC!!!!

It hasn’t even been 5 months since the game came out, yet there’s been rumors of DLC characters for Injustice: Gods Among us throughout the net. I’m not sure but it must be some kind of record because there’s now rumors of there being 4 MORE DLC for the game. That’s right. Codes for 4 …

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Injustice Batgirl DLC Gameplay Trailer and The Joker Killing Joke DLC!!!!!!

So yeah… for those of you who haven’t been paying attention to gaming news, the news of 4 character DLC for Injustice has been leaked a long way. Rather than say it is a rumor, I’ll just start on the 2 that has already be released. As you know, the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo has …

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For those of you who don’t know, the long awaited DC fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us has officially hit shelves in game stores as of 12am today. Some of you may have already picked up your copy then and some of you may be planning to pick it up later today. Some of you may …

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