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Dec 14 2016

Pinky Pie cheers her way into DEATH BATTLE!!

Uhh….so yeah. This is happening. Ponyland’s resident party animal is coming to Death Battle!! Pinky Pie is highly energetic, super friendly and loves nothing more than throw the biggest parties around! Is she ready to mix it up with the Merc with the Mouth?!

Jan 22 2015

Black Tribbles are curious about Bronies! LIVE 01/22 @ 9pm EST

Join the Black Tribbles in a discussion about BRONIES and likes of a kind that they don’t understand…but really want to. THURSDAY JAN 22nd 9pm ET on GTOWNRADIO.com LISTEN HERE LIVE: http://www.gtownradio.com CALL IN AT: (215) 609-4301    

Aug 04 2014

BronyCon 2014 Andrea Libman Exclusive Press Conference Video!

We are back from BronyCon 2014 and we had such a good time! One of the things we enjoyed most was the Voice Actress Press Conferences. Basically, six to twelve people, all wearing press badges, would gather in a small room for the duration of 45 minutes to an hour. One of the very special guests …

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Sep 02 2012

So what is this whole “Brony” thing?

Recently, the Hasbro toy company’s My Little Pony Friendship is Magic TV show series has sparked more Conventions, Fan Sites, and Forums in the past two years in America than most children’s shows ever would in ten. The ironic thing about it is, the main audience for the show is adult men. The series is …

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