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Live action Mulan film may feature music and Mushu!!

Disney is once again dipping into the vault to pull out another of their classic films to be made into live action. We all knew the next project would be Mulan, the 1998 animated Disney film set during the Han Dynasty and based on the Chinese legend Hua Mulan. The live version may stay closer …

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The Bear King!! Once Upon a Time S5 Ep.9 Two-hour special Recap!!

SPOILERS, DEARIE!! CLICK HERE TO READ EPISODE 8!! To save his kingdom, Fergus strikes a deal with the witch. She crafts him a helm imbued with magic. Years later, the witch arrives in Dunbroch castle during Merida’s coronation in search of the helm. She reveals to Merida the contract signed by her father. Merida tells …

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Once Upon A Time Season 2 Review-the story thus far!!

The second season of Once Upon A Time concluded with the curse being broken by “true love’s kiss”. Emma and the residents of Storybrooke, with their memories restored, target Regina for casting the curse on the Enchanted lands. Mr. Gold has succeeded in bringing magic to the real world. The first use of his restored …

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