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Mega Man in New Super Smash Brothers

Yep, it’s been confirmed, today at Nintendo’s segment of E3! And he’s got a lot of his powers from the early Mega Man series! So far, this is the only new smash footage released, but everything looks great! Link, Donkey Kong and Mario all look awesome! Graphically the game appears more stylized then Brawl, where …

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Street Fighter X Mega Man will be FREE in December!

The Street Fighter franchise is ending their 25th anniversary, while the Mega Man franchise will be starting their 25th anniversary. So what’s the next step? No one knew, except for one super fan  Seow Zong Hui from Singapore who created a Mega Man game on his laptop that featured Street Fighter characters as bosses with their own …

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Mega Ran comic page 3!

 So much build up! Is it killing you yet? Well check out what the announcers say about our hero. Who has faith in Mega Ran and who doesn’t? Read page 3! Click HERE or just go to the COMICS section.

The return of Darkstalkers?!

The news may’ve been out for awhile but I just recently came something promising. Capcom developer Yoshinori Ono has said at a Comic-Con in 2011 that “Darkstalkers is not dead”. He recently announced that he is working on a new game for the series using a modified version of the Street Fighter x Tekken engine. …

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Japanese Woodblock Art! Street Fighter, Mario Kart and more!

An artist by the name of Jed Henry has been putting in major time on his series of Japanese-style woodblock video game prints. All your favorite characters, re-imagined as samurai warriors. Check them out on his blog: http://jedart.blogspot.com/ Curious how he does it? Here’s a video of the process He is making multiple prints of …

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