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Lupe Fiasco vs Daigo Umehara?! This may be a possibility!

So it’s rare that hip hop and fighting games collide, however this may be a match for the ages. Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, known better as Lupe Fiasco, has somehow managed to book an unofficial Street Fighter V exhibition with none other than MCZ|Daigo Umehara today on Twitter. After Lupe posted on Twitter about having watched …

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Well, well… This generation’s console war should be a very interesting one indeed. It looks as if Mad Catz will be entering the fray with their own prototype system.. Project M.O.J.O!!! Powered by  Nvidia Tegra- 4, M.O.J.O comes with 16GB of internal storage, integrated WiFi, and Bluetooth Smart 4.0 and it comes with a a …

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