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Nov 20 2015

A God is coming!! Sleepy Hollow S3 Ep.8 Recap!!

SPOILERS AHEAD!! Crane, Abbie and Joe enter the woods in search of Jenny who is with Pandora and Amun. They hear her scream and rush to Jenny just before she disappears along with Pandora and Amun in a flash of light. Crane, Abbie and Joe learn they are facing a Deity. Looking at the drawings …

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Nov 13 2015

Jewel of Denial!! Sleepy Hollow S3 Ep.7 Recap!!

HEADS UP!! SPOILER ALERTS!! Nevins finds Pandora’s box and summons three creatures from it. Jenny and Joe Corbin are training when Jenny suddenly attacks Joe aggressively. Joe sees that Jenny’s skin is glowing. They see Abbie and Crane. Crane tells Jenny that she absorbed the jewel but its power may kill her. While they figure …

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Oct 16 2015

Jack rips it up in Sleepy Hollow!! S3 Ep.3 Recap!!

DO BE CAREFUL OF SPOILERS!! Pandora seduces a young man down on his luck at a bar. The next morning the young man wakes with a strange knife in his hand. At his work, the young man overhears a conversation between to co-workers, one of whom went on a date with a girl he had …

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Oct 09 2015

Dark Shadows!! Sleepy Hollow S3 Ep.2 Recap!!

IT’S NO SECRET!! READ ONLY IF YOU WATCHED THE EPISODE!! Pandora unleashes a shadow demon upon Sleepy Hollow. Abbie and Crane are called to the museum to investigate the death of an FBI agent. Daniel Reynolds arrives as Abbie’s commanding officer. Crane and Abbie return to the archives to investigate the creature after Crane catches …

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