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NEW For Honor video hints at its next warrior!!

For Honor may have had a slow start but developer Ubisoft continues to support its action fantasy title. In a recent video posted on the YouTube channel, the team talks about the state of For Honor, what changes were made since its launch date and early design problem. Mid-way through the video, a new sword …

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Shenmue 3 held back until 2019!!

Previously thought to have been long dead, the Shenmue series was revived in 2015 when it was announced that a third game was in the works at that year’s E3. Shenmue 3 was crowdfunded through Kickstarter and has met its goal of $2 million in just 8 hours, making it the fastest funded game at …

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Is this the end? Sony to cease production of physical Vita games!

As the saying goes, “all good thing must come to an end.” Sony has announced that they will be ending production of physical copies of games for their handheld console, Playstation Vita. A Sony representative has contacted Kotaku to confirm this. The North American and European branches of Sony will bring the sales of Vita …

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