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Dec 29 2015

Check out the horror short film, “DINNER”.

One moment can change everything. When Dylan goes out for the night, she’sexpecting a normal date – maybe dinner and a movie. But her night doesn’t goas planned. Suddenly the reality is that instead of going to dinner, she may soonbecome dinner. The director of this film, Aleksandra Svetlichnaya was born in Kharkov, Ukraine and …

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May 09 2014

Guest Review: Frank N. Stein #1 (Comic Book)

Guest review by Elyse Morales I recently got the chance to sit down and read the first issue of Edward Dippolito’s independent comic Frank N. Stein. It was really cool! I enjoyed it and found it interesting and engaging. The art style was unique, the plot was compelling, and by the end I found myself wanting more. …

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Apr 27 2014

Indie STAR TREK film needs YOUR help to become an awesome reality!

Star Trek Equinox: The Night of Time is a story told by John Savage (Captain Ransom) to a room filled with lucky Star Trek fans turns out a script that some Star Trek veteran cast and crew have called“THE BEST SCRIPT WE HAVE READ IN 10 YEARS”. With Executive Producers in place, this INDEPENDENT production …

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Feb 24 2014

Indie ‘Shonen Jump’/’Wizard’ style magazine needs your help!!!

This campaign is for the up and coming fantasy, sci-fi and noir magazine Outer world. To pay the editors, creators and artists. DONATE HERE: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/outer-world-magazine?show_todos=true What is Outer world Magazine Outer World will be an anthology publication done in a magazine style format. It will feature the genres of superheroes, sci-fi, noir and fantasy stories for a …

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May 03 2013

Deus EX + Ghost in the Shell + Blade Runner = the short film ‘True Skin’

A sci-fi short set in the not too distant future where augmentation is the way of life. For Kaye, still a natural, augmenting will help him keep pace in this now hyper-paced world. However, after acquiring an off-market prototype, Kaye quickly finds himself fighting not only for his own humanity, but something much larger. TRUE …

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Jul 12 2012

Time for your comic reviews!

This week, some of these reviews will be short. Very short. As in, a sentence or two. Sometimes you don’t really need to say much about a book. Plus, Scott Snyder is just too good for his own good, so I’m going to stop praising him effusively.   AvX Vs. #4: Why? When a book …

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