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Apr 11 2017

Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer!!

Here it is, people!! The first trailer from the upcoming Marvel Studios film, Thor: Ragnarok! This trailer gives a look at a new foe and introduces an old friend that will get you excited!! The fight for Asgard begins this November!! 854 total views, 2 views today

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Jan 16 2017

Arcana X 2nd Assignment: Bitter Suites to Succubi Chapter 6 Pt.3!!

Ecks sways and slides and dives to avoid the withered talons of three dead girls. As he quickly rises to his feet, he blocks a hand coming for his head with Grace and lights up the brunette dead girl with Glory. An undead attacks Ecks from behind. Ecks, sensing the incoming strike, throws one arm …

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Nov 25 2016

Crime Alert!! Cheesy Cartoons looks at Teen Titans Go!!

In 2003, we were introduced to a team of young superheroes who would became one of the most popular shows on Cartoon Network. It was well received by fans and praised by critics for it stylish animation and characters development. But all of that to an end when it cancelled and, in 2013, a new …

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Nov 22 2016

Arcana X 2nd Assignment: Bitter Suites to Succubi Chapter 6 Pt.2!!

“It is true that my sister Willow’s physical combat skills are non-existent. My father tried to train her and me after him. We both failed. Even Tamirei is better at physical combat than Willow. However, what my sister lacks in physical combat, she more than makes up for with mystical arts,” Beatrice says. Willow steps …

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Jan 31 2016

Kung Fu Panda 3 Quick Review!!

The Dragon Warrior returns for one last round of high kicking, hard hitting action in Kung Fu Panda 3. Po meets his true father who is the leader of a hidden panda village that soon comes under attack from an old nemesis of Master Oogway who is bent of destroying the Jade Palace and taking …

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Sep 03 2015

Arcana X 2nd Assignment: Bitter Suites to Succubi Chapter 1 Pt. 3

“I see,” said Ecks. Elanohr had just told him about some other villagers whose children—all daughters—have not returned after making the journey to Tulpex. She had also mentioned some of the men talking about storming over to Tulpex and demanding their neighbors the return of their daughters. Elanohr and the other women affected by the …

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Aug 26 2015

Calling all units!! Calling all units!! It’s a Cheesy Cartoons look at Police Academy: The Series!!

Alright J1 fans, grab some crackers and dip. It’s time for another serving of “Cheesy Cartoons.” Movies were a big deal back in the early days when Bill Cosby was still the all American dad and gas went for $1.29 a gallon. There were many films that produced popular characters most of them muscle bound …

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Jun 20 2015

Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai #3 webcomic has a page 5 now, FREE!

There’s someone in the corner of Lime Rind’s samurai eye.  What could it be? Friend??  Foe???  BITS OF DUST?!?! =O.O= Only one way to know samurai fans =^.~=  Check it out here at J1studios! Click HERE to read it , or just go to the COMICS section and look into Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai #3. 2,622 total views, …

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Dec 30 2014

Defenders Episode 4: Revelations Pt.3 Ch.7!!

The ninja slides down a pitched section of City Hall’s roof and leaps off. He reaches a ledge on the adjacent building and does another gravity-defying sprint up the side. Guardian catches up with the leap-frogging ninja as he dashes across one roof and jumps to the next. He knows he can’t attack the dark …

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Dec 30 2014

Arcana X 1st Assignment: Gunslinger Swordsman Ch.5 Pt.3!!

Suddenly, Larissa feels her chest tighten. The pain intensified as the woman slowly drags her fingers back up. It felt as if her lungs are expanding. The pain moved with the woman’s fingers and a lump forms in her throat. The woman touches her fingers to Larissa’s lips and when she lifts them up, blue …

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