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First look at Mulan in action!!

Walt Disney Pictures has released the first shots of their live action Mulan in action. Along with the photos, they have also dropped a teaser trailer for the film as well as an official poster. Mulan hits theaters March 27, 2020. For the full set of production photos, head to IGN.

Live action Mulan film to not feature original songs or Mushu?!

Yeah, that’s the word going around the Disney studio. The upcoming live action remake of Mulan is reportedly excluding the original songs from the film in favor of orchestral versions and key character Mushu will also not be featured. The beloved dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy is being omitted and replaced by a phoenix. The …

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Spread the disease!! Sleepy Hollow Ep.5 Recap!!

WARNING: INFECTIOUS SPOILERS AHEAD!! A disease is spreading through Sleepy Hollow and a mysterious boy seems to be the source of the illness. Crane and Abbie see the boy who appears to be from Crane’s era. At the hospital, Crane speaks to the boy whose name is Thomas. Communicating with the boy in an old …

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Ghosts of the past!! Sleepy Hollow Ep.4 Recap!!

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!! Abbie and Ichabod hunt down Abbie’s sister Jennifer after she escaped from the asylum. Captain Irving wants to bring Jennifer in but Abbie begs him for more time to find her sister. Jennifer visits a man named Clark who has been holding some stuff for her. Later, a group of men enter …

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The righteous dudes from San Dimas plan a most excellent return!

Dude, this is, like, the most awesome thing to happen, bro. Those two righteous dudes are, like, coming back. *ahem* Sorry, had a Valley moment. But yeah, the 80’s buddy adventure flick “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” is set for a third film. With a lot of movies from the era when MTV used to …

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New Assasssin’s Creed 3 gameplay!!

Man, I’m super excited about this game! This is an awesome clip. Right away, I like the environment; it immediately catches the eye. From a long time, fans of the series have been confined to busy streets full of people and buildings crammed together. Though Revelations did have some open world exploration, AC3 expands upon …

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