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Get ready!! Time Warp Review hits the track with Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing!!

Ah, fast cars and hot guitars. Two extremes that go together so well. Before Activision made air guitaring popular with Guitar Hero and Harmonix brought people as close as possible to being on stage with Rock Band, a small game developing company set the stage for featuring rock music in a video game. Devildrier1313 is …

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Erock disturbs the force with TWO Star Wars meets Metal videos!!

The force is definitely strong in this one!! Eric Calderone brings balance to the metal force with two Star Wars vids!! First, he gives the Imperial March theme a dark metal upgrade making it sound even more foreboding!! And then he gives the fated duel between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn vs Darth Maul an amazing …

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DmC is even more awesome when put to sound with 2 Soundtracks!!

Have I mentioned how much of a Devil May Cry fan I am? Oh, I have. In that case, Ninja Theory surprised fans and critics alike with its awesome reboot of the beloved series. The company behind Heavenly Sword stayed true to what made the game so much fun to play. Now, how do take …

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