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XeoNexus now available on Amazon Kindle!!

Philadelphia has a new champion! Formally titled “Defenders”, the original novel written by yours truly, BrianM, is now available on Amazon both in physical copy and NOW for your Kindle device! Here is the introduction to my story: Four millennia ago, an evil force threatened the Earth. That force was the Dark Realm and its …

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Defenders Episode 6 Chapter 3 Pt.3!!

As the medics asked the passengers if they were okay, Captain Wilcox and Nicole walk out of the door of the control tower and head over towards the plane. When they reach the plane, they encounter a member of the emergency staff. “Excuse me,” Captain Wilcox said getting the man’s attention. The man turns toward …

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Defenders Episode 6: Way of the Gods Chapter 3!!

As Guardian is flying over London, Nicole looks down at the buildings and streets below passing by quickly. She is amazed that she is flying over her city without the confines of an airplane. “This is wonderful!” she said excitedly. “Yep, this is the only way to travel and I get unlimited frequent flyer miles.” …

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GET FREE COPIES of Defenders!!

Available NOW!! Click the link to get a free copy of my novel Defenders available for download!! Hurry!! There are only available for a limited time!! “Get a free copy of my book Defenders!! Only 25 available so get yours now!! DEFENDERS: GUARDIAN VOLUME 1 @ BOOKGRABBR!!

Defenders Episode 5: The Fury of Incubus!! Chapter 8 (Continued)!!

“Feeling a little hot down there,” he calls to Guardian. “Well, I was meaning to work on my tan,” Guardian responded with his usual banter. “You look a little done on the outside,” Incubus said, commenting on Guardian’s dark complexion. “But I like my meat very well done.” With that, the fiery Aussie sends a …

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Defenders Episode 5: The Fury of Incubus!! Chapter 7!!

Once inside the canopy, he lands on a nearby branch and tries to figure out a way to beat his toughest opponent thus far. “My Lightning Flash won’t last long so I gotta come with a way bring this guy down quick. Since he can draw his energy from this island’s warm climate, I could …

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Defenders Episode 5: The Fury of Incubus Chapter 5!!

On the Scrying Wall in her home the Crystal Chamber, Edenia has been watching the battle closely. She can’t believe how brazen the Dark Realm is becoming. Before, they were more discreet in their actions. In recent years they have begun performing more openly. Edenia recalls an account from years back that involved several mysterious …

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Defenders Episode 4: Revelations Pt.3 Ch.8 (Pt.2)!!

Guardian begins dodging Shadow’s barrage of fast swipes and powerful thrusts. His opponent’s attacks were speedier than before now that he’s powered up. Duck. Dodge. Parry. Guardian easily maneuvered his way around the swinging metal staff. Shadow expertly carved the air with his lengthy weapon. He dealt out attacks that rivaled even the speed of …

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Defenders Episode 4: Revelations Pt.3 Ch.7!!

The ninja slides down a pitched section of City Hall’s roof and leaps off. He reaches a ledge on the adjacent building and does another gravity-defying sprint up the side. Guardian catches up with the leap-frogging ninja as he dashes across one roof and jumps to the next. He knows he can’t attack the dark …

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Defenders Episode 3: Revelations Pt.2 Ch.8

They walk to the back of the arcade and Brandon goes over to the change machine in the corner and gets out five dollars in quarters. Sarah takes a pool stick off the wall while Brandon puts four quarters in the money slot on the table. He pushes the slot in and the balls roll …

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