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J1 Studios Interview: Grimecraft

Just look at that shirt. Is that not the shirt of a legendary video game remixing producer / DJ? Grimecraft is a force to be reckon with. Pokémon fans were reportedly leaping out of skyscraper windows on the day PokÉP was released. One of the survivors said that Arceus had told them to jump while …

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MAGfest Interviews Coming Soon!

The twelfth MAGfest was an awesome four days of music and gaming related excitement. New friends were made, awesome musical performances were witnessed, and for you, our beloved followers, we managed to get some exclusive interviews with many of the artists and panelists who attended! They’re almost fully edited, but to start the hype, you …

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Dj CUTMAN interviews Mega Ran TONIGHT at 10 PM!

  A special tour episode of Dj CUTMAN’s web show, “This Week In Chiptune” features the 8-bit sampled beats and rhymes of teacher / rapper / hero Random aka Mega Ran! Show starts at 10PM (EDT) and is totally free to stream. RSVP, tune in and chat at the link below: http://mixify.com/djcutman/event/this-week-in-chiptune This show will include …

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MAGFest 2014 – Video Game DJ Battle Trailer

MAGFEST 2014 is neigh! Another four days of epic video game and video game music related activity. Thanks to Dj CUTMAN of GameChops, we can get a little preview of what’s to hit the stage! Learn more and buy tickets at http://www.magfest.org

PokÉP Review (Download it for FREE!)

A few days ago we told you about a Pokemon tutorial video made by Dj CUTMAN. The video contains some awesome Pokemon remix music, and it happens you can download the album, titled PokÉP for FREE!       Today, after having a chance to listen to the album a few times, we bring you …

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Easy Way to Level Up Pokemon in X and Y with Dj CUTMAN

Today, the video game remix record label know as GameChops put out this video on their youtube channel. Check out their channel by Clicking HERE! The video features Dj CUTMAN as he explains an awesome way to take a level one Pokemon to level 16 and beyond over the course of a single battle! If …

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