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Goblin Slayer is back! Promo trailer reveals 2020 theatrical premiere date!!

Goblin Slayer heads the frozen lands of the North with his companions to search for a lost adventurer. There, they encounter a goblin horde. This promo trailer shows Goblin Slayer’s return as he continues his quest to rid the world of goblins. Titled Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown, the anime will be screened in nine theaters …

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Goblin Slayer is coming back!!

In case you’re wondering whether the 12-episode anime adaption of Goblin Slayer is finished, fear not. The recently aired twelfth episode made a very clear statement at the end of the episode – “Goblin Slayer will return.” This can be taken as threat or a promise depending on whether you are a goblin or a …

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Goblin Slayer Abridged!! Yup, killing goblins just got funnier!!

No one asked for it and yet, we got it and it’s hilarious! The Schmuck Squad crew has done several parody series including Seven Deadly Schmucks (based on Seven Deadly Sins), Akame ga Kill Abridged, FoodMENT (Food Wars) and many others. And now they tackle Goblin Slayer, the fantasy adventure anime series that is quickly …

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