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Cosplay Spotlight: Glitch Cosplay

Glitch Cosplay, this is your week in our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!! 1. Why do you cosplay? I cosplay because it’s fun, simple as that. I enjoy making costumes and pretending to be someone else while I’m in costume. Once you get fully into character you can have a lot of fun being in a world of make believe. …

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Ming Mecca: The Vintage Video Game Synthesizer?

It’s hard to tell what’s happening in this video, but that sure doesn’t keep it from arousing curiosity. From Special Stage Systems, here is Ming Mecca. Essentially, it is a new hybrid analog machine — a synthesizer that allows you control, manipulate, and hack the laws and visuals of vintage video games. To see some bits on how to actually use this …

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Music and Lights. The Obelisk.

This Saturday. Local from Philadelphia, the talented PSY FI Production group will be unveiling a glowing, painted installment, while bringing you Live Experimental Electronic Music by: Golden Spiral ( http://soundcloud.com/golden-spiral ) Agent Zero ( http://soundcloud.com/agentzero ) Mistah Manic ( http://soundcloud.com/mr-manic ) CounterVulture ( http://soundcloud.com/countervulture ) redHat ( http://soundcloud.com/redhat ) Hedzfallinoff Soundjack ( http://soundcloud.com/soundjack ) Illah’d Tau With Lighting by JK Concepts and Visuals by CounterVulture I had …

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