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Square Enix (finally) drops Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer!!

It seems like ages since we last heard anything about the Final Fantasy VII remake. Concerns were growing as to whether the game was actually happening. Rest assured, Square Enix has shined down upon us and raised our hopes once again with this beautiful trailer for this updated version of the original classic that broke …

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Sega announces mini Genesis system!!

It seems like the flames of the great Console Wars are being reignited! Following Nintendo and Sony’s lead, Sega has jumped on the mini console bandwagon by revealing that they will be releasing a scaled down version of the Sega Genesis. The system will come with two controllers, HDMI cable, a USB power adapter and …

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Yes, kids and kiddettes. What you are looking at now is a picture of Microsoft’s next generation game console. It has a name. I personally don’t agree with the name they’ve chosen for it. ” Xbox 720 ” has grown on me, so I was all set on it. But as of today, this new …

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