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Boss Key, developer of Radical Heights, closes its doors!!

It’s a shame to see developing companies go the way of the dodo, even those new to the gaming scene. Boss Key, the developers behind the shooter title “LawBreakers” and its successor, “Radical Heights” have cleaned out their desks and packed their boxes. Just a mere month after launching “Radical Heights” in April, co-founder of …

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Creator of Sonic the Hedgehog speeds over to Final Fantasy!!

Yuji Naka, one of the three creators of the iconic speedy blue bullet, Sonic the Hedgehog, has announced that he will be hanging out with Cloud Strife and the gang at Square Enix. Through his Twitter account, Naka said that he is “working on game development” is “striving to create a new title.” The exact …

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My time at TooManyGames was great!!

The annual event for gamers kicked off this past weekend in Oaks, PA. As always, Too Many Games attracts players of all ages as well as provide nostalgia for older gamers and introduce upcoming developers trying to enter the video game market. There was no shortage of venders displaying a displaying the history of home …

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