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Square Enix releases Final Fantasy Pocket Edition for PS4 and XB1!!

Bringing mobile games to the big consoles is nothing new. It has been done before with Fate/Stay Night and the recently released Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Strikers. Square Enix is jumping on the conversion station by revealing the trailer for their mobile game based on Final Fantasy XV. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition follows the …

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Final Fantasy 15 TGS Trailer!!

Square Enix just released a trailer for their latest entry in their Final Fantasy series! The trailer premiered at the Tokyo Games Show this week and let me tell you, it looks absolutely gorgeous! Also, Square Enix revealed the cast for the English Dub of the game. Final Fantasy XV drops November 29 for the …

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Brotherhood: Final Fantasy VX EP.1 Review!!

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV is anime series based on the upcoming title from Square Enix who also produced the show. The anime will consist of five episodes which tells the story of Noctis’ life from his childhood to the opening of Final Fantasy XV. The first and last episodes of the anime tie in with …

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