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It’s good to be Queen…or is it? Once Upon a Time S2 Ep20 Recap!!

*WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!!* From first season to now, Regina has been the Evil Queen. Unremorseful, uncaring, cruel, heartless, she has terrorized the people of the Enchanted Forest all in her effort to kill Snow White. But what she doesn’t know is how the people view her. She disguises herself, ventures into the village and learns …

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Her weight in Gold!! Once Upon a Time S2 Ep19 Recap!!

*WARNING-SPOILERS A-PLENTY!!* Mr. Gold has been struggling with his dark tendencies ever since Hook shot Belle in the back, which resulted in her losing her memories of him. He wants nothing more than to end the pirate’s life. But he stays his hand—for his son Bealfire’s sake, for his own sake and now for Henry’s, …

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True to one’s self!! Once Upon a Time S2 Ep18 Recap!!

*WARNING-SPOILERS AHEAD!!* “Always be brave, truthful and unselfish.” This is what the Blue Fairy told Pinocchio the night she turned him from wooden puppet into a real boy. For a time it worked until the day came when the boy would abandon that message. Where the boy would cast it aside and begin thinking of …

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Regret and Revenge!! Once Upon a TIme S2 Ep17 Recap!!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and there is no hell like a vengeful Regina who vows to kill Snow White/Mary Margaret for killing her mother. Meanwhile, during the first days of Storybrooke, a father and son make their way into the believed undetectable town. Because every single day was the exact same …

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Silver page 5…. Whoa.

A sudden change in the atmosphere brings forth Armel’s true intentions. Go check out page 5 of Silver RIGHT HERE or Click on COMICS at the top to find it!

Tainted innocence!! Once Upon a Time S2 Ep16 Recap!!

*WARNING-CONTAINS SPOILERS!!* “Who is innocent isn’t relevant to the world today/ I shake my head in disbelief” ~ Disturbed-“Innocence” from the album “Asylum” What is innocence? According to definition, it means to be pure, devoid of evil, incapable of wrong doing. If a person is said to be “pure of heart”, then they should not …

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A mother’s love!! A daughter’s sorrow!! Once Upon a Time S2 Ep15 Recap!!

There is no greater pain than losing a loved one. And for a child to lose a parent, the pain is even greater. But what if you had the chance to save them? What would you be willing to do to save your loved one’s life? Last night’s episode showed just that. When her mother …

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Family Reunion!! Once Upon A Time Recap!!

*WARNING-CONTAINS SPOILERS* Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. But what does hell hath for a father scorned? This was the theme of last night’s episode of “Once”. Wanting to find his long lost son, Mr. Gold leaves Storybrooke accompanied by Emma and Henry and heads to Manhattan where he believes Bae lives. If …

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A giant sized problem in Storybrooke!! Once Upon A Time Recap!!

*WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!* The people of Storybrooke thought they had big problems when a stranger named Mendel arrived in town and had witnessed Gold wielding magic. The unexpected arrival of Cora and Captain Hook emphasized further trouble. However, no problem is bigger than a giant. Last night, the giant Anton, who hasn’t been seen since …

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God of War novel review!!

In 2005, we were introduced to the world of Greek mythology like never before. Sony Santa Monica Studios gave us a game that would redefine the action/adventure genre. God of War quickly became an instant hit after its release. We all know the story of Kratos, a Spartan warrior who sets out to take vengeance …

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