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Jun 13 2017

First look at Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Story mode!!

We heard about it before hand and now it’s here! Capcom shows the story mode for their latest title in the long running crossover series. Unlike previous entries, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will have more emphasis on storyline. Ultron and Sigma have formed an alliance where they join into one entity and merge the worlds …

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Sep 10 2016

Devil May Cry 15th Anniversary!! Time Warp Review!!

Fifteen years ago, Capcom was taking its survival horror series “Resident Evil” in a new direction. However, the developing game deviated so far from the path set by the series that the idea was scrapped before it was replaced with a brand new series that would give us one of the most recognizable and popular …

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Mar 16 2016

The Witch dances with the Devil in Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

This is it! This is the Death Battle many of us have wanted!! Who will win in the epic clash?! Will Dante be able to subdue the sultry sorceress or will Bayonetta exorcise the demon?! Get ready one hell of a DEATH BATTLE!! Check out our own fan fiction of these two going at it!! …

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Mar 09 2016

Bayonetta dances into DEATH BATTLE!!

The sleek, sexy and super strong Umbra Witch struts her stuff!! She had taken on the most powerful forces in heaven has to offer!! Are her magical powers strong enough to take on Dante, the Son of the Legendary Dark Knight?! Check out our own fan fiction of these two going at it!! Dante vs. …

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Oct 19 2015

1 Minute Melee!! Virgil vs. Sephiroth!!

It’s the Son of the Legendary Dark Knight vs. the Baddest villain in Final Fantasy history!! Who wins?! No Research!! Two Fighters!! 60 seconds!! It’s MELEE!!

Aug 05 2014

Microsoft Xbox Live Sales Here!

Do you own an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One? Do you like sales? I’m hoping that both answers are a yes, because I have some awesome news for you; the sale of the week via Xbox Live is absolutely awesome, and worth your money. Let’s start off with the sale for the Xbox One. …

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Mar 28 2013

Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Epilogue

EPILOGUE “Honey, I’m home!” Enzo enters his home with a bottle of wine in his hand. Closing the door, he calls for his wife again. No answer came, not even from his children who normally run up and greet him like playful puppies. He wonders where they are. Setting the wine bottle on the end …

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Mar 19 2013

Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 33

The light fades. Bayonetta opens her eyes. She looks left then right and then scans across the nearly destroyed town. She grips her guns tightly as her muscles tense. Bayonetta takes a cautionary stance. The attack could come from anywhere. Her eyes trace the area again. It is deathly silent. Suddenly she hears something at …

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Mar 12 2013

Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 32

In the middle of the town, a second large glyph appears drawing Dante’s attention. He turns in time to see hair like treading shoot from within the glyph and form into what appears to be a spider’s web. Then he sees a large form marching through the portal. It is a gigantic black spider with …

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Feb 24 2013

DmC is even more awesome when put to sound with 2 Soundtracks!!

Have I mentioned how much of a Devil May Cry fan I am? Oh, I have. In that case, Ninja Theory surprised fans and critics alike with its awesome reboot of the beloved series. The company behind Heavenly Sword stayed true to what made the game so much fun to play. Now, how do take …

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