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Gaara armors up for Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Oh, this is a battle anime fans will enjoy! Gaara of the Sand, Jinchuriki to the One-Tailed Biju Shikaku, brings his rage and blood drenched sand to the battle against the blind yet talented Earth Bender Toph!! Who is the better earth mover?!

Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE: Ragna the Bloodedge vs. Sol Badguy!!

The stage has been set and the curtain is drawn! It’s time to see who is the better bad-ass! It’s BlazBlue vs. Guilty Gear as two of the most popular characters in an anime fighting game go head-to-head! Find out who wins in the DEATH BATTLE!!

Guilty Gear’s Sol Badguy gears up for Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Now let’s meet the other contestant in the upcoming Death Battle!! Sol Badguy is the poster boy for the Guilty Gear fighting game series. He is a scientist turned bounty hunter and has been a consistent character throughout the series. But does he has what it takes to withstand his opponent–the vampire Ranga the Bloodedge?!

Ragna the Bloodedge cuts into Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

BlazBlue’s poster boy Ragna will be a contestant in an upcoming Death Battle. But does the sword wielding vampire has what it takes to stand against this opponent–Guilty Gear’s Sol Badguy?!!

It’s Majin Buu vs. Kirby in Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

The battle you have been waiting for finally arrives!! Screw Attack has taken two popular icons and pit them in a head to head fight to the finish! Watch these pink puffballs pound, pulverize, and piston beat each other to see who is the greatest threat to the universe!! And check out who is coming …

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It’s Deadpool vs. Deathstroke in Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

The guys at Screw Attack have done it again! It’s the Merc with the Mouth against the deadliest mercenary alive!! Wiz and Boomstick drop some knowledge about the combatants with a little unwanted help.

Kirby vs. Majin Buu Update!! A new Death Battle in the works!!

Well, the Buu vs. Kirby Death Battle is on hold until later. Ben Singer and Chad James of Screw Attack explain what is going on with the battle of the pink ones and reveal an upcoming Death Battle that is much anticipated.

Majin Buu bounces into Screw Attack’s Death Battle!!

Dragon Ball Z fans know this pink monstrosity that is capable of destroying worlds without a second thought. Or even a thought for that matter. Majin Buu may have the mental capacity of a toddler but he no less a fearsome fighter when push comes to shove. One of his favorite passions is turning people …

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Kirby warps into Screw Attack’s Death Battle!!

The pink vacuum with the black hole for a stomach is the next combatant in an upcoming Death Battle. He shown his mettle in Super Smash Bros. series. But does he has what it takes to win his battle against another pink eating machine.

Ryu and Scorpion face off in Screw Attack’s Death Battle!!

It’s Street Fighter versus Mortal Kombat. Ryu, the World Warrior, takes on the Ninja Spectre Scorpion!! And check who the next contestants will be in the next Death Battle!! Check out the first Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat battle featuring M. Bison vs. Shao Kahn!!