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Jun 21 2017

Why it’s important to support BlerDCon…

If you are into all things geeky and haven’t heard of BlerDCon … you must be hiding under a rock! BlerDCon is a three-day convention, the only of its kind in the DC area, for people of all backgrounds, colors, sex, identities and associations. This is year one for this event, and is what most …

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May 13 2015

It’s Not a Man. It’s a Girl. Supergirl, That Is!

So, I’ve been a mite skeptical since they announced that Supergirl was getting her own TV show. After the Superman movie let me down so much (sorry, guys, I just wasn’t a fan), anything else the DC Cinematic Universe decided to hurl out at me just made me, well… nervous. Then, they posted a picture …

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Apr 15 2015

Iron Man suits up for Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark gears up for his most challenging battle yet–surviving a DEATH BATTLE!! Is his intelligence, skill and paycheck enough to defeat his opponent–the equally filthy rich (emphasis of filthy) Lex Luthor?

Aug 04 2014

Young Justice is Back?

You read that right! While, sadly, we’re not getting another full series, it’s currently rumored that we are going to get a crossover between the adorably funny cartoon Teen Titans Go! Which is probably the best news, like, ever, especially since Young Justice was cancelled prematurely. You’re probably asking yourself where the rumor started from. Well, it came …

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Jun 09 2014

See the Batmobile in action!! Batman Arkham Knight Trailer!!

Finally, after four games we get to rumble around Gotham City in the B-man’s bad-ass wheels. No attention to detail was wasted in the creation of the Batmobile and the city environment looks stunning. My god, I cannot wait for this to come out! Rocksteady has truly outdone themselves. In case you’re wondering, this is …

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Mar 12 2014

Cosplay Spotlight: Kristi Kai

Hey Kristi Kai, I guess you’re here for your COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!! Why do you cosplay? Aside from it being tons of fun to be someone else for a day, the best part is seeing everyone else’s designs and answering questions about your own. I also just truly love to design and build characters using non-traditional materials, such as envisioning my …

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Oct 17 2013

Amazing Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short

From the creative minds of Zack Snyder (Man of Steel) and Bruce Timm (Superman: The Animated Series) and produced by Warner Bros. Animation, this short follows Superman through the years, from his first appearance on the cover of Action Comics #1 to Henry Cavill in this year’s Man of Steel…all in two minutes!

Oct 02 2013

Cosplay Spotlight: Chiquitita

Chiquitita is our newest COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? I Cosplay because I love sewing and bringing to life my favourite characters. It’s part of my social life and have made so many good friends from it. What was your first cosplay? Technically the first Cosplay I made was Son Goku’s outfit for my Nancy …

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Aug 22 2013

And the next Batman is…wait, what?!

Yep ladies and gentleman, we have our next Batman. Warner Bros. has made a decision. It’s (drum roll please) …Ben Affleck. (Even the crickets are quiet) Yep, Benny-boy is the next man to don the cape and cowl. He’s already taken a shot at Daredevil so why not Bats? …(Again, silent crickets)… But seriously, Ben …

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Aug 21 2013

Cosplay Spotlight: AllieCat Cosplay

Hi AllieCat Cosplay, check out your COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? The reason i cosplay is because of two things; the artistic aspect of the entire process and the friendships i have made. There is a certain sense of accomplishment when you make something and become someone completely different. You’ll walk differently, you’ll talk differently …

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