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We’d like to use this post to recognize the awesomeness that is a group and their online community of people much like yourself. The members of A.C.M.G. are constantly traveling to bring you video interviews with cool people and coverage of hot events! The A.C.M.G. group is hosted on facebook with over 500 members from …

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A.C.M.G. Interview with Jason Richardson at J1-CON 2

A.C.M.G. Admin Dax J. Martin-Cheeves (aka Daxavier Josiah) sits down with the founder of J1 STUDIOS and creator of J1-CON’S Jason Richardson to discuss the foundation that he has built for himself and where it is heading next.   Visit and join the A.C.M.G. group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/acmg1/

A.C.M.G. Interview with Adam Shub at J1-CON 2

A.C.M.G. Admin Daxavier Josiah talked with a pixel painting artist/designer Adam Shub at our J1-Con 2 event in Philadelphia to discuss his love for the classic NES titles and rejuvenate them by applying acrylic, and great craftsmanship to recreate the great game experience of the 8bit era. For more interviews with people on anime, comics, …

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