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Nov 30 2015

Screw Attack’s 1 Minute Melee presents Peacock vs. Baby Bonnie Hood!!

It’s a cute violent showdown!! Darkstalker hunter B.B. Hood brings her basket of tricks to face the cartoon zaniness of Skull Girls’ war time cyborg Peacock!! See who wins!! Two Fighters!! No Research!! Sixty seconds!! Get ready for MELEE!! 1,302 total views, no views today

1,302 total views, no views today

Oct 12 2012

Darkstalkers sequel “Darkstalkers Are Not Dead” game teaser vid!! OMG!


It’s not officially announced but thanks to the power of the internet and camera phones you will be able to check out the very exciting news of a direct sequel to the Capcom fighting game sensation, and long time desired Darkstalkers! You only get to see two characters, but MAN does it look awesome!!!! 3,380 total …

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Jun 27 2012

The return of Darkstalkers?!


The news may’ve been out for awhile but I just recently came something promising. Capcom developer Yoshinori Ono has said at a Comic-Con in 2011 that “Darkstalkers is not dead”. He recently announced that he is working on a new game for the series using a modified version of the Street Fighter x Tekken engine. …

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