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Ghost in the Shell Review!! *Limited Spoilers*

When I first heard about a live action version of Ghost in the Shell was being done, my reaction was the same as a lot of anime fans, “Oh no, why?!” Undoubtedly, I was reminded of the previous failed attempts that were Dragon Ball Evolution and Avatar: The Last Airbender (Yes, I know it is …

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Ready for a devilishly good time with Lucifer again?!

The Devil is back! Lucifer has taken us over with an entertaining and amazing first season. Tom Ellis is incredibly charming as the Fallen Angel. He’s back for more (un)holy hijinks. At the end of season one, a soul has escaped from Hell that has the normally unflappable Lucifer highly concerned. That soul is his …

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Worse Than a Crime!! Gotham S2 Ep.11 Fall Finale Recap!!

SPOILERS AHEAD!! DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU WATCHED THE EPISODE!! Bruce Wayne has been taken prisoner by Theo Galavan who reveals himself to be of the Dumas family. Alfred is on the run from Tabitha in a landfill. He manages to lose her and her men. He escapes the yard and attempts to take a …

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The Shield comes to Gotham!! S2 Ep.4 Recap!!

READ ONLY IF YOU WATCHED THE EPISODE!! The GCPD gets a new captain in the form of Nathaniel Barnes who makes an immediate impression on Jim Gordon. Penguin meets philanthropist Theo Galavan. Theo reveals his plan to change Gotham with help from Penguin who refuses to kill the other mayoral candidates when asked. Tabitha shows …

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It’s no laughing matter. OK, it is!! BWHAHAHAHA!! Gotham S2 Ep. 2 Recap!!

DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU WATCHED THE EPISODE!! Jerome, Arnold Tompkins, Aaron Helzinger, Robert Greenwood toss shipyard workers of the roof of the Gotham Gazette. Jim Gordon organizes a task force to hunt them down. He later talks with Bullock who tells him about a lead Harvey Dent told him. Gordon reports to Commissioner Alvarez …

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Booth and Bones visit Sleepy Hollow in Season 3!!

Sleepy Hollow returns for a third season after Fox dragged on the possibly of its cancelation. A lot has happened in the second season and key characters were killed off, Moloch, Henry Parrish and Katrina Crane. The season ended on a rather quiet note. Abbie and Ichabod’s adventures would likely continue but the ending could …

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End of the Road!! The Following Series Finale Recap!!

SORRY FRIENDS BUT THIS WILL BE THE LAST SPOILER WARNING!! Ryan organizes a trap to catch Theo. Elsewhere, Theo targets Gina Mendez and takes out both FBI agents on guard and has two men dress in their uniforms. Theo breaks into the house with Daisy and forces Gina to call Ryan and lure him to …

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Gotham Season 1 Review!!


The Descent of Ryan Hardy!! The Following S3 Two-Hour Event Recap!!

SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT. BE CAREFUL OF SPOILERS, FRIEND. Daisy and Mark meet with Theo and plot against Ryan Hardy. Ryan tries to patch things with Gwen and later at the FBI, Mike attempts to help Ryan get back off the wagon. Theo receives a message from Eliza. He goes to meet with her …

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Out of his Mind!! The Following S3 Ep.11 Recap!!

SPOILERS MAY DRIVE ONE MAD, FRIEND!! Mark attempts to kill Mike until he is stopped by Daisy when she notices the security detail following Mike. They plan to do it safely. After getting a call from Gwen, Max heads over to Ryan. She tells him about a murder that occurred in Philadelphia 25 years ago …

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