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Code Vein offers closed Network Testing later this month!!

It has been quiet on the home front for Bandai Namco regarding their highly anticipated title Code Vein for some time. Now, we get our first breath of fresh air about the game in what seemed like forever. Bandai Namco will be offering an closed network test of Code Vein later this month for Xbox …

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Code Vein release date finally announced!!

After weeks of anticipation and wondering, Bandai Namco finally gives us a release date for their upcoming anime inspired action RPG, “Code Vein.” Thank to a UK trailer, September 28 is the day we get to play the “Dark Souls” influenced title featuring a post-apocalyptic world populated by vampires. Code Vein will be released on …

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Sink your teeth in this new trailer for Code Vein!!

The anime game train keeps rolling on! Thank you for joining me “On the Next Level” and we get a new trailer for the vampire slasher title, “Code Vein.” This dark theme action RPG from Bandai Namco is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the only survivors are the “children of the night”. Japanese metal …

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