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Johnny Cage low blows Captain Falcon in Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Get ready for fast paced action! Famed action movie star and Mortal Kombatant, Johnny Cage takes the center stage as he faces off against the incredible champion racer of the F-Zero circuit, Captain Falcon. Which of these amazing men will emerge the best of the best? Keep up with the Screw Attack and DEATH BATTLE …

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Captain Falcon punches into Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

F-Zero champion Captain Falcon races his way in this week’s episode of Death Battle. Not only is he the best racer in the F-Zero circuit ge also an accomplished bounty hunter and has the power and abilities to take his targets with ease. Now he is after his greatest bounty yet, Earth Realm Defender, Johnny …

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Screw Attack’s “DEATH BATTLE” starring Johnny Cage!!

Mortal Kombat’s star player has arrived! Johnny Cage has broken hearts (and bones) over his career as an action star and defender of Earthrealm. He has taken on Outworld’s deadliest enemies with his “Shadow” abilities and even defeated the fallen Elder God Shinnok using a mystical power handed down to him through generations. But as …

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Super Smash Bros! Fire Emblem Fiesta! Three New Characters in One Video!

Awesome new video posted on the Super Smash Bros Website! See for yourself: Basically this girl from Fire Emblem, Lucina, finds out that her father, Chrom has been knocked out. Turns out that the evil bounty hunter Captain Muscles was up to no good, picking on helpless dads. They battle, and C. Falcon continues to smirk …

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Captain Falcons Final Smash Mods

  Nudolph has created a series of mods for super smash bros brawl that turn captain falcon’s ride into a green shell, a wario bike, and many more ridiculous objects. Its a silly video, but the ways that the captain is defeated after each final smash are quite impressive.