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GameChops releases ‘Chozo Legacy’, a Super Metroid album.

A HOUSE MUSIC TRIBUTE TO SUPER METROID Chozo Legacy is a progressive house journey through the sounds made famous by Nintendo’s hit game Super Metroid. Considered by some to be the greatest video game ever made, Super Metroid set a new standard for exploration and adventure games in its time. Chozo Legacy’s producer, bLiNd, has …

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KLANG. Futuristic Rhythm Platformer Game Teaser Trailer

EDM producer bLiNd, notorious for his 25+ featured hits on OC Remix and his work with Video Game Remix label GameChops, has teamed up with game production studio Tinimations. The first glimpse of their project, titled “KLANG”, looks, (and sounds) incredible. From the video’s youtube description: “Klang is designed around the philosophy of merging dynamic …

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J1 Studios Interview: bLiNd

The interview videos from MAGfest 12 are online and we’re very glad to finally bring them to you, starting with bLiNd of the Gamechops Record Label.   For those of you who aren’t aware, bLiNd is one of the original members of the GameChops record label and has been doing video game remixes long before …

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MAGfest Interviews Coming Soon!

The twelfth MAGfest was an awesome four days of music and gaming related excitement. New friends were made, awesome musical performances were witnessed, and for you, our beloved followers, we managed to get some exclusive interviews with many of the artists and panelists who attended! They’re almost fully edited, but to start the hype, you …

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MAGFest 2014 – Video Game DJ Battle Trailer

MAGFEST 2014 is neigh! Another four days of epic video game and video game music related activity. Thanks to Dj CUTMAN of GameChops, we can get a little preview of what’s to hit the stage! Learn more and buy tickets at http://www.magfest.org